Southside Hustle

The Hustle returns for its fourth edition on Saturday, April 6, 2024.

Start: 8:30 a.m. from the Pony Pasture main lot (new start/finish)

"The dumbest, funnest ride." "A 70 mile CX race?" "Best worst ride ever." "What's the point?"

Exactly. The Southside Hustle is a rolling tour of some of the best/worst mixed terrain RVA's Southside has to offer.  Enjoy a sampler platter of off-road segments including 4x4 trails, grassel, pirate singletrack, and a bunch of other weird stuff, all while asking, "Where the &*$% are we?" Ride fast or don't. Sound like your kind of jam? Sign up to get the latest updates and the route when it drops 24 hours out.

The first finisher in each category (Female/Male/Nonbinary) gets a '24 Hustle cap and will have $100 donated in their name to Richmond Cycling Corps.

Questions? Hit us up @thepizzavultures if you don't see an answer below.

What can you tell me about the route?
69.5 miles, 4,117 feet of climbing and pretty much every type of terrain you can imagine in central Virginia. Be prepared for road, dirt, rocks, roots, mud, and multiple water crossings.

Is this a race?
By no means is this an official, sanctioned, or licensed race. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for following all traffic laws and rules of the road (yield to pedestrians, respect stop signs and traffic signals, use common sense, etc.) as you would on any group/drop ride. In short: have fun, don’t be dumb, and go at whatever pace you want.

What bike should I use?
A tubeless gravel or cross set up is probably your best balance between speed and durability.

What should I bring?
Nutrition/hydration for 70 miles and flat/repair equipment are a must - this ride is entirely self-supported and covers some occasionally gnarly jank. GPS / bike computer also highly encouraged. Many of the off-road sections have non-obvious entry points and a few go through maze-like trail systems that will otherwise get you hopelessly lost. Sweet!